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a dynamic 90-minute video or phone session with Chris Trout | Your agenda, your results | Mentor: Chris Trout

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Even in stable times, leadership is a challenge, but it is the kind of challenge that inspires innovation and collaboration.

In uncertain times, it can be just plain overwhelming. That shared vision and sense of meaningful engagement can get lost in daily survival.

Yet, full engagement is the lifeblood of any team, especially teams of people who serve people. When you have people who genuinely want to be excellent, who want be part of something bigger than themselves, survival feels like death - and you can see it in their disillusionment, burnout, conflict and turnover.

What if, in just couple of hours, you could identify the little changes that would make the biggest difference? What if I could help you sort through your most critical challenge(s) and decide what's next? And what if you had peers who would hold you accountable for following through?

Need more guided help? Sometimes you can see the symptoms (fatigue, burnout, conflict, etc.), but don't know the source. I will guide you through a step-by-step process to assess your situation and identify the first critical steps you can take to shift your team's energy and engagement.

This is why I created the Full Engagement Kickstart Jam Session - two hours with me to laser focus on your biggest challenges and design solutions that work.


How do we meet?
We can meet right on your computer, via Zoom high-quality video conferencing, or we can meet by phone.

Can I have others with me during the session?
Sure. I am happy to meet with you, your team, or any combination of people you choose. This is your time. Just remember that more people = more opportunities for our focus to get diffused.

Why is this called a jam session?
Because it can be as focused or far reaching as you want and need. We can go deep into a single issue or filter through your laundry list of challenges. Work on your communication, better understand your strengths and style, or nail your vision and plan of action. Or perhaps you want to problem-solve specific conflicts, relationships or structural challenges. The agenda is all yours.

Why is it called a Kickstart session?
Because it is designed to move you and/or your team off the dime and in the direction you want to go; to break the logjams, dissolve the barriers and create momentum. Your session is designed to create movement and stimulate inspired action.

And why is it called Full Engagement?
Because that is the goal. When you and your team are fully engaged and committed, you are unstoppable. Full Engagement means full of energy, innovation, creative problem-solving, teamwork and vision. Most important, Full Engagement is self-reinforcing; it produces its own energy and keeps you moving forward.

Chris Trout
Chris Trout
Founder & CIO (Chief Inspiring Officer), Strengths in Focus and the Center for Inspired Personal Leadership

An innovative leader in strengths-based change process and human resiliency, Chris Trout has inspired audiences across North America, from South Central Los Angeles to rural Maine, and his writings have influenced professionals from New Zealand to South Africa.

With that rare ability to reach both head and heart, Chris moves effortlessly from foundational research (which somehow never feels “research-y”) to powerful stories that speak to shared experience. The shelf life of Chris’ impact is measured not in days or weeks, but in years.

His unique insights and strategies are born of decades of in-the-trenches experience, helping people and organizations tap their unique strengths, clarify their why, and connect with what energizes and enspires them.

Home-base is the beautiful coast of southern Maine, where Chris lives with his wife, artist Suzanne Drown, and cheers on their two adult children, each inspired personal leaders in their own right.


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